Entry #16

Mural and the future!

2012-06-29 16:49:22 by Bubbowrap

I'm super late in posting this. I kind of forgot I even had front page access. So, yeah, I finished my film!

Watch it!:


Watch on Youtube
Watch on Vimeo

I posted my senior thesis on here after learning of the new video feature, and I'm honestly shocked at how many people liked it. My favorite comments are the ones that mention how much it touched them, or how much they identified with the boy. That was my goal since the beginning, and if you look at some of my other films, the same sort of theme exists. The difference is that this is the first time I feel as though I've adequately conveyed it. So time to move on!

I want there to be more 3D films on here in the future, so the next film is probably going to be a mix of 3D and 2.5D. To practice this, I've been making 10-20 second After Effects projects and getting my skills up in that area as I start looking for a job (IF YOU KNOW A PLACE LET ME KNOW) and coming up with a story. Maybe something funny for once!

I'm bad at ending posts, so I'll just post a semi-hi-res shot of the film or something.

Mural and the future!


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2012-06-29 19:44:06

what soft ware do you use

Bubbowrap responds:

A bunch:

Autodesk Maya 2011, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, and Premiere! Mostly Maya and Photoshop.


2012-06-29 22:39:53

U shocked, bro? You went into your thesis project with a clear and simple plan, and it came out great!
I'd start looking for work first thing Monday morning, and use this (Mural) as a demo to show organizations who might, either want to buy the rights to it, or commission a new work... maybe a children's hospital will be starting a new ad campaign? You never know till you scour the local area, working out from where you live.
Best wishes for the future :3

Bubbowrap responds:

Great ideas! I was wondering who would be interested in paying to show this film, but something with kids seems like a great idea.

And thanks!


2012-06-30 00:39:34

Hey dude, think I can voice act in future projects?

Bubbowrap responds:

Maybe! I don't usually cast projects until I am 95% sure that they're going to be made, so it'd be awhile. I'll check out your reel and keep you on my list!


2012-06-30 03:10:16

Are you really 54?

Bubbowrap responds:

Nope! Not even half that! It was an old and in retrospect not that funny joke from a few years ago.


2012-06-30 22:37:10

damn, how long did this take you to render?

Bubbowrap responds:

Not that long! I was thrifty with model meshes, textures, and lights to make things go faster on the back end. Plus I rendered at 720x405 instead of 1280x720. 5 minutes per frame was the highest time, and some were under a minute per frame.


2012-08-08 03:07:36

Excellent flash! Looks like something off dream-works!

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks, I was aiming for something like that so I'm glad it paid off!


2012-09-21 19:31:26

Dude, this was incredible. Fantastic work! :D

Bubbowrap responds:

Holy crap, I haven't checked my comments in awhile.

Thanks, man!


2013-01-24 23:53:33

This is one of the greatest animations I've seen in a while.

Don't stop progressing and just keep blowing up our eyes with more kick-ass animations!


2014-04-17 08:46:29

Looks like a Peter Molyneux character


2017-01-03 07:34:32

Mural is one of my favorite films on this site. I'd love to see some more 3D work from you, even if its just a 10 - 20 second thing. I'm sure a great many people would agree. Also, Happy New year bubbowrap!