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I'd laugh if that nickname stuck.

I love this, but the title totally gives it away!

Great use of flat space to show depth in the beginning, one of my favorite parts. And I love when he takes out the Ocarina and starts playing it. Voice actors were also spot on.

Best Valentines' movie so far.

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Ockeroid responds:

Thanks, Wrap master! :D

Yeah, I got to the final hour about to upload and then "Shit, what the heck to I call this thing". Agreed, I owe a lot to Mick and Kimlinh for being awesome in this!

This was awesome!

I didn't know how it would come together seeing all of the parts, but having that common thread actually brought it together really well! I watched it like ten times.

And 24HRC is an awesome name.

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Pretty awesome :D

I'm late in typing up a review for this, but I've said it was awesome like a million times elsewhere so.

All of the parts were great, and the music was top class. Ockeroid's the man :D

I can't wait to see what the next collab will be, if there's going to be another one.

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Man, you chose the wrong day to submit this. This game demands front page, hands down. And a daily first! It kept my attention for a good couple of hours--that's just how great it was. Normally I click away and come back, you know, play at my own pace.

Not this time.

5/5, 10/10.

I was afraid something bad was going to happen, haha. I was expecting 2342342343 ships to fly after me, and when that thing appeared at the end, I almost died. Yeah. I don't do too well with these types of games/movies. Though I was a goner :C especially when the gun didn't blow it up like I had hoped.

My only regret is that I had to use the walkthrough for the dented lid of the case. I tried everything, but I seriously never thought of those two objects. I mean, what the hell could you make, a buddha lolipop?

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Five out of five, ten out of ten!

I'll admit to having to skim a lot of it(The parts on onion skinning, layers, wireframes and such), but there were some helpful things in there that I didn't even think about! It's really encouraging for a nub or a vet, and it made me want to go back and do a story thingamabobber. Great job!

We seem to have a similar outlook on the film/animation industry. If we had lived closer to each other, I'm certain we'd be pretty good friends and shooting every weekend. C:

I have to say, though, I also cringed at that one drawing just like you did xD


The hostages were so creepy looking that I thought they were the bad guys for the first round >_>; I ended up shooting all of them -- at least until my health ran out.

10/10; simply because there's no real deep thinking involved, which is a good thing to have in a game every now and then c:

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Completely awesome.

I love most of your works, and I'm constantly looking for places to use them! They set a great mood :D

The only critique I have is the microphone puffs ): Makes me have to do some editing in Audacity xD

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I really like your vocals! I'm already wanting to use them in a Flash. Though, I like the other version of this clip a little better. Quality could be a little better, but I understand that good equipment costs money.

Overall, awesome job!

heather-lanham responds:

thankyou! I am saveing for good equipment in a never-ending cycle,
but I do plan on buying some editing software to clarify my recording soon.

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This is awesome! How do you pose characters without rigging it? Can't wait to see textures/lighting. So good.

Osuka responds:

The character is rigged, Is easier to model it in T POSE and then making a fast rig to change the pose. The rigging is too basic, if I try to animate it will look like crap


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