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Mural and the future!

2012-06-29 16:49:22 by Bubbowrap

I'm super late in posting this. I kind of forgot I even had front page access. So, yeah, I finished my film!

Watch it!:


Watch on Youtube
Watch on Vimeo

I posted my senior thesis on here after learning of the new video feature, and I'm honestly shocked at how many people liked it. My favorite comments are the ones that mention how much it touched them, or how much they identified with the boy. That was my goal since the beginning, and if you look at some of my other films, the same sort of theme exists. The difference is that this is the first time I feel as though I've adequately conveyed it. So time to move on!

I want there to be more 3D films on here in the future, so the next film is probably going to be a mix of 3D and 2.5D. To practice this, I've been making 10-20 second After Effects projects and getting my skills up in that area as I start looking for a job (IF YOU KNOW A PLACE LET ME KNOW) and coming up with a story. Maybe something funny for once!

I'm bad at ending posts, so I'll just post a semi-hi-res shot of the film or something.

Mural and the future!


2010-11-16 13:12:49 by Bubbowrap

I think my tablet's dying.

It's a graphire3 that I've had for at least 4-5 years, so I'm not that surprised given how much use it's had and how much moving I've done. But STILL.

I'm not completely sure if it's dying or if this is just temporary, but it doesn't always respond to my pen movements and sometimes just does whatever the hell it wants. It just started like five minutes ago, so maybe this is a fluke. I'm going to try reinstalling the drivers or something to see if that works. If anyone else has any other ideas, please tell me :D!


EDIT: It seems to be working again. I'm not complaining :D

Red Ronin 24 Hour Collab!

2010-09-11 16:22:51 by Bubbowrap


It's pretty amazing, and I'm not just saying that. It gives me motivation to step it up a notch even though Flash and I have broken up. We initially decided we'd stop all of our contact here, but after this experience, I was thinking that we could still be friends and hang out occasionally. I'm going to miss being in a relationship with it, though.

An old screen from Base 17 Ch.4. Not sure if I want to continue working on this file or start over with the same script, but at least I'm thinking about it again!

Red Ronin 24 Hour Collab!

So, this guy messages me on AIM and sends me a link to an swf to ask my opinion. I proceed to tell him that it's very smooth, but the animation is bad -- the walk cycle is completely unbelievable, and it looked more like the guy was doing a weird, floating kick thing. To my surprise, he was happy with that. He was ONLY worried about it being smooth and not about it being correct/believable.

How many people think this way? Is smooth animation valued more than good animation?

Personally, I'd rather see correct and believable animation at 6fps than incorrect and shoddy animation at 30fps, but I'm wondering if I'm the exception.

The Last Degree

2009-11-11 18:22:55 by Bubbowrap

Yeah, so that movie I was talking about before? It's out!


I've written the series already (As usual!), but nothing is in script format and I don't plan on animating anything else regarding this story. School is taking up my time, so I can't say for sure.

That's...that's all I had to say.

EDIT: Oh man, 20k views! More than I thought it would get!

Oh mans.

2009-10-02 01:07:47 by Bubbowrap

The Disney Collab is finally out!


Totally wish I could edit some things in my part, but overall, this collab is freaking amazing. I laughed at pretty much all the jokes, so I don't really mind my childhood being raped right before me eyes.

And yeah, I'm gonna be posting that Last Degree video really soon since I started ep. 2 last week! Yayyaylk;jf;lksdfjsdfa


2009-07-11 06:55:26 by Bubbowrap

Since I was asked about it again, I decided to go ahead and say that I probably won't finish Base 17. I've recently been trying to get away from anime, and since Base 17 is anime...well. You know.

So, yeah, I've been working on other things. Recently completed a short pilot called 'The Last Degree.' It was for the student showcase, but I misjudged the time it would take and ended up missing the deadline completely. Still won first place in my category, though, with an older and not nearly as interesting (In my opinion) video. Yay?

Screenshot from the Last Degree!

This is an old screen, one I took before I finished. Because, well, I'm too lazy to take one now.

I'll post it up when I feel like it, so probably a year from now. Woo!


Started on Chapter 4!

2008-09-26 21:43:59 by Bubbowrap

Ugh, finally. Storyboards and script are done (have been for a month now), but I have yet to actually do backgrounds/animate anything, as sad as it is. What with having to film random shit and edit footage all the time, I haven't had much of a chance to start.

Okay, that was technically a lie since I've also been redesigning my website and going through the surprisingly arduous task of switching webhosts. And the Dark Knight collab, which everyone should check out and join. My part's doing good, by the way.

Chapter 4 features a lot more fbf than I've done previously; my drawing's a little better, so I figured it was fine to insert a fight scene. If I fail miserably, well, don't come down too hard on me ;P

Things that are changing in the next episode:

-Minimal shading
-More attention to backgrounds
-More 'acting'/movement
-Sorry, can't make lipsync any better >_> unless you want me to spend two years on the thing.
-More attention to sounds/music overpowering the voice acting
-Readdition of subtitles; option controls if I find a good tutorial!
-A few unimportant fixes that no one will notice. Probably.

All of these things are thanks to your comments! They pointed out all of the mistakes in Chapter 3, so I'm hoping to fix them in an effort to make myself better. Yeahhh.

By the way, Castle Crashers is the best game I've played in the last six months. Which isn't saying much, admittedly, but STILL. If you haven't played it yet, find a friend or something who has 1200 points lying around and force them to buy it.


2008-07-08 04:43:57 by Bubbowrap

My site suuucks. Redesigning it now; have a basic mockup done, but it still seems empty for some reason. I'll work on it :c

Sigh. Drama is annoying. Especially when it's started by someone whose work you respect. I've tried to be neutral, but my feelings are taking a dip towards the 'dislike' end of the spectrum. Which sucks, since I LIKE being neutral and easygoing.

But it doesn't involve me, so I no longer care :D

Storyboarding stuff. Almost done with Scene 1, too! There seem to be four total scenes with the way it's written, And they're also about the same length in my head. Long-long-short-long. If that makes sense. Which it doesn't, hopefully.


I wish I could quit my job to work on Flash :c but I need a car for college and stuff! I'm gonna be so ooooold by the time I graduate it's not even funny. Well, old to ME. anytime after 20 is old for a teenager. But I'm 35, so it doesn't matter.

Oh, I'm a compulsive liar. Sorry about that; I've been trying to reel it in lately. Speaking of which, I need to take another pregnancy test.

I'm just being annoying now, so I'm gonna stop.

After reading through all the comments (Yes. Finally), I've made a list of things I need to do in Ch.4 and things I need to NOT do. It's...it's a big list. Almost makes me want to ditch the series in favor of my other ideas, but the ending is so epic in my mind that I can't leave it alone for long.

That was a lie.

Also redesigning my website; It's gonna be so cooooool. Maybe. I'm integrating a larger flash interface, and adding tons of computer-lagging effects. Just because I can, and it's annoying.

Seriously done this time.


2008-06-15 07:59:21 by Bubbowrap

That's right c: D-one! I'm somewhat pleased to be done, but at the same, I'm not pleased by the overall quality of it. I'll have to see what I can do in Ch.4, it looks like! Which reminds me; I need to start adapting the story from my old notebook...

I don't want to have to cut out anymore important parts, though. Originally, it started with Prodigy bothering Cybil about not keeping her word as far as the 'I'll tell you if you win' deal. I tried to allude to the fact that she didn't tell him anything, and even went as far as to follow her home xD Wonder why he's so interested; hmm.

Uh, yeah, but I'm gonna have to bring my A (animation lulz)-game for the next chapter. So much to dooo. Work + School makes Bubbo a not-very-happy-girl. Boy. Boy.

Will also be submitting Base 17 no Jikan sometime soon.